Norse Mythology – Neil Gaiman

Nail Gaiman is a great writer as well as storyteller. It's definitely the British accent. I learned a lot Norse lore from this audio book. I think it was great that Neil Gaiman decided to write this book after American Gods. He does a great job keeping story line as well as the characters of … Continue reading Norse Mythology – Neil Gaiman


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams

My first audio book! Listening to a book is a very different experience than reading. It's pretty much listening to an on going story. The narration adds a whole new level of experience, however, listening to not nearly mentally engaging as reading. There is no active effort to listen, thus I found it much easier … Continue reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams

PR Test #2

Weight: 194.8lbs Squat: Attempt #1: 335lbs failed Attempt #2: 325lbs Could've hit 335, mental block Bench: Attempt #1: 255lbs failed Attempt #2: 250lbs Need to work on lockout, focus on moving bar path backwards and not away from body Deadlift (Sumo): Attempt #1: 385lbs Attempt #2: 395lbs Couldn't even move 4 plates... felt good, Need … Continue reading PR Test #2