6: Perspective

When you’ve only written five blog posts and your friend texts you about the sixth one you’ve been pushing off. That’s a good feeling. I’ve been reading a book called “Drive” by Daniel Pinkman which takes a new perspective on what really motivates us and a lot of it has been centered around accountability and autonomy. Our own willingness to get a job done and a job done well. With that thought in mind, knowing you have friends to keep you accountable for your passions and goals in life really does motivate you to better yourself in every aspect.
I’m currently half way through the book and a quote I found that really hit me went something like this: “compliance will get you through the day, but only engagement will get you through the night” I think this quote really sums up what I’ve got from this book and puts one’s view on life into perspective.
Wow when I re-read my own shitty explanation of such a meaningful quote, I now fully understand why I got such terrible marks in my English essays… that and my terrible (but improving) grammar…
Anyways! I spent the weekend in Kingston. To break it down, I spent the weekend drinking, eating and sleeping at a 70/20/10 ratio I would say. I drank a lot… and I definitely paid for it by nothing getting any done yesterday or today. On my bus ride back to Toronto, I really thought about how unproductive I was that weekend and how much work could have been done and I really did feel regretful. However, after a long and not-so-busy work day, I came to realize how much fun I had too. We just have to fully engage ourselves in the moment, whether it might be work or getting that last shot in in beer pong. Real life is hard, it’s stressful and I have learned that turning off is not an option, but rather we just have to focus on one thing at a time and so what if that’s a whole weekend. I mean 72 hours seems like a lot, but that’s also only 0.008th of a year. So it’s all about putting things into perspective and trying to get the most out of each moment. I’ve come to realize that not all these moments are going to be good moments, but I’ve also come to realize that if you fully engage yourself into what you do, you will always come out a little better before, I mean what is there really motivation that’s better than self-improvement?
P.S. My original title was “the little things” but seeing how much I used the word “perspective” I might as well right?

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