Ok, so today I listened to an interview with Seth Godin. He is a really fucking successful businessman, so why not try to implement some of his ideas into my life? One of his daily habits was writing, blogging specifically. Sure one could journal, but then its very easy to hide things, to privatize your thoughts. However, his argument pro blogging was that it will forever be there, for other people to see. So now whenever I say something, people can call me out on it and its there. Written in stone. (Written in data more like…) I really like this idea. Not only does this coincide with my value of being an open person, it also allows me to be more accountable with everything in my life.
So now I am going to provide daily blogs which hopefully contains just a little bit of insight towards my life and the things I learn everyday.
Firstly, small rant, work today suck. My co workers are douche bags. If you are going to call me out for scrolling through the internet in front of the whole contracting team (only 3 people… LOL) that’s fine. It was my bad, I shouldn’t have been slacking off during work. BUT if you’re always on reddit and facebook and stay late because your day wasn’t productive, I hope your conscious sits well for calling me out today.
Moving on, I recently also listened to an interview with Charles Poliquin (considered one of the best strength coaches in the world! No exaggeration) and he said something that really stuck with me: “we either make choices out of fear or out of love”. I always believed that the world wasn’t black and white but more a colour spectrum. You now there’s mild, medium, spicy, really spicy, brown people spicy (HAHA I just couldn’t stop myself there). After this quote, I think my outlook on the world has been dented and if you really think about it, if we break down out our own choices is there really anything we chose that is in-between fear or love? I go to the gym because I love working out and seeing results, I study because I fear the idea of failing, I don’t ask the cute girl sitting next to me out to coffee because I fear the idea of getting rejected?
I think becoming aware of this we can really change the way we think. Instead of not asking her out fearing rejection, one could think of this as I’d love to ask her out because I love the idea of meeting new people. Doesn’t that seem like a much better way to approach things? I am going to end this blog on this note: we should all make decisions based out of love and not fear. This will lead to a much more fulfilling life.

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