Another one!

This blogging thing is hard, but thankfully I’ve got an amazing friend setting up a website for me! At one point in my life I went on CodeAcademy and sifted through their HTML and CSS course, it was all really easy until the end when the course told you to actually build a website from scratch. I was so baffled by how little I actually knew regarding web development when that end page came up I just instantly closed the page… I think about learning to build a website for myself here and there, but I just don’t think thats one of my priorities in life right. Shout out to my man Bill for helping me (he’s actually doing 99% of the work) developing my website for me! I think it looks pretty good and hopefully we will have most of the bugs and kinks out so I can start posting on my own blog! In which I am still having trouble coming up with a title for…
Day two of me trying to write everyday. I’ve read plenty of articles about habit building and most of them have generally agreed on the 21 day rule. So it takes 21 days to build a habit. That means I am only 19 more posts away from developing an everyday blogging habit right? Actually, I am currently reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and it seems there is a lot more to habit building that just doing something for 21 days.
We have a habit loop which consists of a cue, a routine and a reward. That’s breaking it down to the simplest terms. So for me to build this habit I am going to have to find a cue (ex: 9pm everyday), a routine (blogging) and a reward (emotional satisfaction). Of course when we have disturbances in our habit loops, things hit the fan and most simple habits can break down. Things like stressful days, when a friend comes to visit on a week day, anything out of the ordinary. So I think in the long run, it is not just a matter of 21 days but really a matter of how much do I really want to pursue this passion? In relation to my last post, am i doing it out of fear or love? Its still love right now… and I will try my best to keep it that way!
Not much has changed from yesterday to today. Not sure how I am supposed to go about these everyday blog posts. Considering these two posts, I think I’ve come to a structure of rambling on some of my thoughts of the day and then slowly returning to a small update on my life. So anyways… I have go to stop going to the fucking grocery store on statuary holidays… I think to myself “wow I get an extra day off, I am going to take of advantage and get my groceries done on that day” without realizing that every else gets that day off too…
After such a fail, I spent most of my day reading some articles and books about the Bulgarian Method on training and squatting everyday, which I won’t get into detail about until I’ve actually started on the program. During this time, I also nagged Bill about all the little details about my website which I think looks pretty awesome!
I hope you deploy those changes soon and post this one for me on time, thanks a million!

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