I am really really tired

As the title states, I went to bed at 6am this morning… and then I woke up at 9am… Although when I first woke up this morning I actually didn’t feel too bad, so I thought maybe I’ll catch a bus downtown and grab some vitamins, get some reading done and maybe even some work done? Well I got on the bus and dozed off a little which is normal after a big lunch, but when I hoped on the train, put my head down and suddenly I woke up 2 stops further than planned I knew the crash came. I took a deep breath, told myself to enjoy the fresh air and slowly walked to Shoppers, grabbed what I needed and came straight back home and fell asleep. And after a quick phone call with my mom and a super spicy dinner, I am here willing myself to keep this blog updated!
Before I dive into my scrambled mind of thoughts I just wanted to say how much I really enjoy Kygo’s remix of “I See Fire – Ed Sheeran”. I am not a huge fan of Kygo, his music is chill, its good, but its nothing amazing in my opinion. However, this song just really sticks to me, I’m not sure what it is about this song, but I highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t heard it!
So I am currently in a crazed phase of listening to podcasts. Since I have a lot of commuting time, I’ve found myself entranced by these radio shows. I came a podcast called the The Minimalists just a little over a month ago and they really got to me. I felt like I learned a lot from every episode they put out and thus I thought to expand my selection and explore the whole world of radio shows. Currently I am listening to The Minimalists, The Tim Ferris Show, 10% Happier with Dan Harris, The Mind Palace, The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps and Global News Podcast. With the exception of the last two, all these podcasts focus on people who live meaningful and self fulfilling lives. They aren’t all rich but they are all successful and happy with their lives and I think that’s what makes their podcasts so valuable.
What really interests me about these podcasts is that after listening to interviews with music artists, famous minimalists, major investors, everyone seems to have different recipes towards a successful life, sometimes these recipes are on opposing axis of each other. I think that goes to show that no one can define success and happiness for you other than yourself. That’s something I felt like I’ve finally started to come to terms with throughout the last couple months of my life. Although impressing other people like your boss, your classmates and your friends can help further your success and achieve temporary happiness, I think the first step is to come to terms with yourself first. I say that easily, but I am still struggling to do it myself. People say you have to define your own strengths and weaknesses first but I don’t think you can just jot them down on a sheet of paper and called it a good evaluation of yourself. It is a good starting on the path of awareness but I think the best way to come to terms with yourself is to not just become aware of yourself when you’re sitting at home on a Sunday night typing in front of yourself laptop but all the time. If we can start to stay focused on our everyday lives and the tasks that we face presently then I think that’s where self-awareness and person growth will really come to show itself in the long run.
I think that’s about as much as thinking my mind can do today. Now back to sleep…

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