So I’ve got this work term report due on the second Tuesday of school, but I am going to be in Thailand during that time so now I’ve got to finish it a week before school even starts… doesn’t sound that bad right? But that week is in only four weeks… Normally you’d think four weeks is plenty enough to pump out a report, unless you knew nothing about the topic you were going to right about. As incoherent as that may sound, that’s about what my current situation looks like, and it sucks. On the bright side, I’ve finally been able to start digging into the million piece of data given to me and find some leeway on the actually content of my work. Tomorrow I am going to invest a good couple hours of my time and try and make some actual progress. My timeline goes something like this: this weekend I will start digging into the data and get the analysis done by next Friday. Next weekend, I will take the analysis of my work and write out the bulk of the report. The weekend after that I will proof read it, add the finishing touches and have it completed by that Sunday night. That’s the plan.
Now I know nothing in life really goes according to plan, but having a framework for my goals is better than nothing right? I mean I will feel demotivated along the way, probably every single day, but knowing that I can finish my report with five days to spare will keep me going. I just have to work hard, have self-discipline and push through the next twenty some days of my life. Those twenty days are going to fucking suck, but the fifteen rewarding days of being half across the world enjoy great scenery, food and spending a huge chunk of time with one of my best friends is a reward I am definnetly willing to put in the hardwork for.
I was going to start of a lot of these sentences with “I hope” instead of “I will” but I’ve learned in these past couple of weeks that our mental state has a huge effect our daily lives. If we imagine success, put in the work, then success will play out exactly as how we imagined it and it will come as if it was an everyday thing in our lives. Michael Phelps would imagine himself swimming the race routines everyday before he went to bed. He would imagine every single vivid detail down to his every stroke and with the hard work he put in, he Olympic records was just another race routine that played out exactly as how he imagined them in his head. So why is it that we cannot do the same thing in our lives? The answer to that is simply we can. We just have to be willing to let it happen. People often talk about having a view on the cup as half empty or half full, but after reading through “The Monk That Sold His Ferrari”, I now view my cup as always empty. Always ready to be filled with new knowledge.
On that note, I am going to out and enjoy a night with friends before these three weeks of hell start.

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