Perspective ver 2.0

I think that we should always be re-evaluating our perspective on life and the people around us, because after a while we start to become comfortable with life. Now comfortable might sound good at first, but what I’ve come to learn (still working on the applying it to real life part) is that being comfortable is something you should be avoiding at all times. My manager at Telus in the summer drilled that into our heads on every single morning meeting we had, and I believed him. Why? Because he just past his late twenties and he was achieving his own life goals. All it takes for me to believe in what you are saying is if you believe in what you are saying.
One thing for me that has changed is that I used to always be jealous of people who where around the same age as me but they were better than me at stuff, and this ranges from school to relationships to even the bench press. In the last couple of months though, I’ve learned to take a different perspective on things. Nowadays, I remind myself that everything can be learned. Prove me wrong. I’ve sold people Telus from literally knowing nothing about sales. I think this is a really good mentality to take on. Now rather than feeling inferior to other people, I have learned to appreciate all my own strengths and to see these people as a shortcut to success, I mean if they are smarter than me in school, they must be doing things differently than me and if I can learn from them and implement their strategies into my own life than surely I will be able to reflect those same results.
However with that in mind, I want to mention that we shouldn’t be following these rules word for word. When a chef learns to cook he first follows recipes in order to build a foundation for his cooking skills, but once he has solidified his own foundation, he must take all that he has learned and being in a creative processing of building in his own way and that is how he will flourish as an original cook. I am not sure if this was the best analogy, but the point I am trying to make here is that sure we can always follow other people’s good habits and try to mimic what they do, but we will not always yield the same results as them. Personally, I think following other people’s ideologies and life choices are a great start when we have no idea where to go ourselves, but once we have understood the theory behind such ideologies we must learn to tweak and mold them to fit our own lives. This way, not only does following other people’s ideas allow us to easily develop a good habit into our own lives, but after this good habit has been solidified into our own minds, we can change things around in order to make things more efficient for ourselves.
Hmm… I think this took a different turn than the initial point I was trying to make at the start of this post, but at this point I think quantity is better than quality. My primary focus is to develop a daily habit of writing, and I think once I have established that, I will switch my focus onto clear defined and concise posts!

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