Sleeping less

So I’ve heard and have been told that one does not really need anymore more than 6 hours of sleep a day. I am assuming this is 6 solid hours of sleep a day, which depending on a person might may or may not actually be 6 hours itself.

So I am slowly trying to reach this myself, right now I am going to bed by 11:30pm and waking up at 7am. It’s only been half a week of this and I am starting to feel… Well, not very rested. However, I have learned that good habits are not a sprint but a marathon and trying to make changes in your life is exciting but always tough at first. So I guess this post is just a reminder to myself to drudge through the drudgery and… Sleep less? Hopefully my body will adjust to this and I won’t be sick by the time I leave for Thailand…

Anyways, some quick thoughts I wanted to share today:

So we’ve all seen TV shows and movies about time travel, seeing the future, predicting the future, etc. So the fundamental question that all these shows relate to in my opinion is a philosophical battle between free will and determism. Let’s imagine that we can see into the future and tomorrow we are going to miss the morning bus and be late to work per say. Now we realize this is going to happen, so we do all that we can and prepare ourselves in order to not miss the bus, but what if in the end it is these actions that lead us to this inevitable outcome as if it was pre determined? Then this leads to the question of do we really have free will?

I am not too sure on which side of the fence I stand on for this question yet for I am but a curious mind. I mean, these questions are always worth thinking about, but eventually, our minds get caught up in a mix of jumbled thoughts and when things get too confusing we get a headache and decide to move on with the rest of our lives.  But all the while, every time our minds come back to this question, I can safely say that my approach to the answer will have always been altered due to the events that have occurred in my life between the times when I have pondered such things.

So I guess you can tell that there wasn’t much point or focus to this post… And the fact of the matter is, I really didn’t want to write today (I even turned off my laptop) so thus I am sitting on the floor typing frantically on my phone to maintain this habit of writing everyday. Some days I just have a lot of thoughts to share and my mind remains somewhat clear for me to focus on a topic to write about but other days such as today, I am tired and my mind feel worn out, and this is the result…

So I will leave you today with a problem that I’ve heard on an interview with Eric Weinstein:

So we have umbrella and it really doesn’t do what it was designed to do. When it gets rainy, the umbrella top gets blown again and crumbled up. When it’s raining at an angle, our legs always get soaked. So mechanical fix can we provide to such a simple design to make do what it was originally designed to do?


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