Hustle and Reflect

So I have been on a little spree of Tim Ferris’ podcasts. As I’ve said before he interviews famous people of all areas of work. What I really enjoy about these podcasts is that he gets really personal with the people he interviews and breaks down their life journey, their habits of success, and overall the podcast is done in a casual tone.
Today I came across his interview with Jamie Foxx which on the note of “hustle and reflect”. That is how Jamie Foxx lives his life. These couple of words will be the main focus of this post.
“If life gives you gold. Take it. If life doesn’t give you gold. Take it” I think I came across this quote on a tattoo artist’ instagram. I think this quote really builds on the quote of “when life gives you lemons…” To me, this quote means that not only should we be grateful of the good fortunes that we come across in life, but we must also work for them. This is the idea of hustling. Jamie Foxx said that if we focus more on getting the important work done in our lives then we will have less time to worry about all the things we should be doing. I think is a really good perspective on the idea of productivity. Sometimes, when we stop and think about how much work we have to do, we get so overwhelmed and anxious with just the thought of all these work that nothing actually gets done. I do this about… 200 times a day? But if we just dive straight into to our work then our minds will be too busy on actually getting each task on our list done than to sit there and worry. You gotta hustle for what you want out of life, because if we are constantly improving ourselves than we are regressing. That is what I believe at least. And I can definitely provide some concrete examples of this. For me, the transition between school and work term always just destroys my workout routines. I spend the week or two that I have off either traveling, partying, or just full on relaxing, and my return to the gym after sucks. My body forgets what its like to be constantly pushing my muscles to such high intensities and after a couple sets of a one plate bench, my chest will be sore for the next week. But since I have developed such a habit of going into the gym, it is fairly easy to get my rhythm back and get my hustle on. After a mere couple of weeks, I will be back to my usual bench. To me, life isn’t about constantly moving forward, but more of taking five steps forward and one step back. The hustle is not to take those first five steps, but after that one backwards step, we are able to pick ourselves back up and keep pushing forward.
Like a yin yang, I believe life is about balance, so what the yang to the hustle you ask? Reflection. Every day we push ourselves to the limit and everyday we grow a little bit and just like how one must rest in order for his muscles to grow stronger, one must reflect each day in order for themselves to full grow. If we are constantly pushing ourselves, then there must be time for us to rest our minds, our body, and our spirits. I think reflection on our daily lives is very similar to sleeping in order to recover our teared up muscles. If we do not recover and we just keep on pushing, we may lose our focus and start to wear ourselves out. Now when I say reflection, it doesn’t necessarily mean to meditate or anything, but rather we should always take a little bit of time at the end of each day to ourselves. To become in tune with our body and mind. To become just a little bit more aware of the actions and results we have taken on each day and to see how they have affected ourselves. What I have learned from meditating is that we should not repress or hold on to good or bad thoughts but to just be aware of them. Acknowledge them and see how each good or bad things that has happened to us each day has affected us in one way or another. And that is how I think we should reflect. If you find yourself stressed out or always in a rush, I really do suggest trying the Headspace app! It only takes 10 minutes of your day and I have felt great results from it!

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