Personal Trainer

So after a whole 4 months of selling Telus door to door and learning to convince people why they should buy my product I was instantly sold on the idea of getting a personal trainer because, why not right? I think this has been one of the greatest investments in my life.
I can honestly say that the amount of information I had learned from my trainer, Slavik, over the past 3 months is huge compared to the amount of information I’ve acquired myself through internet blogs and self training.
I remember my first session with him started with a 5 minute bike ride. That was by far the toughest 5 minutes of my life… He told me I had to reach a 65 calorie count on the bike by 5 minutes and he would control the resistance intervals within those 5 minutes. Doesn’t seen very hard right? Well after those 5 minutes I couldn’t even walk… And that was just the start of my session. We then moved onto training intervals of 40 seconds of muscle tension followed by 40 seconds of rest. My legs were sore for a whole month after that first session I swear. Here I learned about time under tension, something I have never really thought of before when I was just mindless pumping out reps.
During the sessions that followed, Slavik introduced me to supersets. Although I’ve done supersets before, not like this. I mean 4 different exercises of decent volume in 20 minutes is a lot. I have never felt such a pump in my biceps before. As I have come to learn, these training sessions I was being pushed so far past what I originally thought was my limit. We did negative reps where Slavik pretty much did 70% of the motion for me in order to maximally fatigue the targeted muscle.
Then we moved onto chest. I thought my chest was pretty good compared to everything else. How wrong I was. I did a massive set of dumbell presses at all angles and at the end of my first set, it was my shoulders that were sore and not my chest. This workout really taught me the idea of being mindful of the muscle you are targeting and really trying to isolate it.
Every workout was painful, but my mental strength grew stronger and stronger as I learned that I could push myself so much further before going to muscle failure. After a couple grueling sessions, we changed things up and focused on looking at my big lift forms. I am happy to say they are so bad! So adjustments were made and I learned about different training methods to help me achieving heavier loads.
Overall, I think one of the most important takes I’ve gotten is my mental shift from caring about how much I could bicep curl to making sure I was feeling a massive pump and proper execution of my biceps during my targeted workouts. I mean, nobody cares about how much you can bicep curl, they just care about how big your arms look. And if you want to lift heavy weights, stick to the big lifts. All these lessons I’ve acquired will definitely help me immensely in pursuing my future training goals and programs. Strength for big lifts and mindfully training for isolation. And most of all, don’t let your muscles get comfortable, always change things up! I think that applies just as much in the gym and out of the gym!

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