Collecting thoughts

So today my trainer put me on the bike for 2 minutes. He told me to hit a 40 calorie count. I literally could not stand up after… I waited a minute, tried to stand and my quads instantly cramped up. That was one the most efficient two minutes of my life. Painful as it was, I am going to try and incorporate it more into my own workouts.
I feel like every time I learn or hear about something new I can incorporate into my life I try to do it right away or plan for it as soon as possible, sounds pretty greedy if you ask me. I think the good side of this is that this helps me stay open minded always attempting to try new things. The bad side to this is that I think this always ends up stretching myself thin. It seems so easy to get caught up on all that life has to offer. All those distractions such as facebook, instagram, snapchat, etc. definitely do not help either. I think it is very important to learn to be self aware and once we realize we are so caught up on everything around us, we don’t try and push things away or cling onto to things, but just take a step back and focus on the present. Focus on the task at hand and let all those distractions come and go. This is one of the main concepts I have picked up from my meditation practices. Everything is about perspective. Rather than standing outside in the storm, we can take a shift and watch the storm come and go from inside the house. This is what it feels like when we are stressed, anxious or just overwhelmed by life. We mentally feel like we are facing a storm. All those things we have to do, bills to pay, relationships to maintain, projects to finish. It can be tough to balance all those and when things start to pile up one by one, we just want to shut everything off. At least that is how I feel, quite often actually.
However, what I have learned lately is shutting off is not an option. The better solution is to become aware, not instantly, but baby steps. For instance, every day we can start to take note when we become distracted. Now that definitely won’t happen every time we become distracted, but even if you just notice it once or twice in the first couple of days, you will start to notice what it feels like to be distracted. This is the first step to develop self awareness. I think this is a pretty easy practice to implement into your life. Once you start to notice when you are becoming distracted, you can then start to plan on what to do after you’ve made this realization. However, without taking the first step and becoming aware of these problems, you will never be able to fix them. If you don’t know your squat form sucks then how will you be able to take on a plan to fix it?
On another point, I think even before you start to develop a plan to of your problems once you’ve become aware of them is to properly identify the source. Are you constantly distracted because you are stressed by looming projects or because work is boring? There exists different solutions to different problems and if you cannot fully identify the source at first then you can always experiment. Write down the things you are doing or how you are feeling when you catch yourself distracted. I think note taking is a really good process to remember all the thoughts that come and go in our minds everyday and to detach ourselves from them. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the work you have to do in the next week or month, write them all down in a list. Then sort the list by deadlines, priorities or interests. I have started doing this and I find it very helpful in helping me plan ahead and not be surprised when deadlines suddenly creep up on me.
Anyways, I wasn’t too sure where this post was going to go, more of me doing a brain dump at the end of the week.
Thailand next week! I am hella excited!

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