So I’ve spent the past couple of months tried to develop and maintain good habits. It was a slow start but after a couple weeks, I slowly found myself start to follow such habits with more and more ease. I could read 20 pages a day without much thought, contribute to my blog and I’ve even picked up meditating and doing push ups when I wake up in morning.
With that said the sudden dawn of finish my work term report in just over a week has successfully destroyed all those good habits I’ve spend so long to develop.
Although I haven’t actually spent much time working on the report itself, the thought of such a big project that I have to finish in such a short amount of time has dramatically increased stress levels in my mind. I have started to notice that it is hard to focus on anything as I am always thinking about how much work I have left to do on this report. Then as soon as I start to work on my report, I noticed by myself distracted by almost anything else… well because I just don’t want to work on this report. I think part of it is that I really do lack self-discipline, but another major factor is that forcing myself to work on something so big that I have almost zero interest in is very hard.
I think that having broken down my report into smaller sections and forcing myself to stare at it and get even a inch of it done everyday has done great good for me. Although this report stresses me out a great deal, this situation could be worse had I not have actually done anything for it yet.
The lesson learned here for me is that productivity in the short term means focusing on the long term goals. I mean if we have a project due in three months, we don’t really feel any pressure to start it. It is very easy to push off, especially if it’s something we don’t take much interest in. However, by focusing on the long term goals and knowing that starting on the project early will mean we have to suffer a little more everyday, but suffer a lot less near the end. Not only will this allows us to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness it will also lead us more room to with other things that may or may not appear in the near future.
One thing I’ve learned from my current work experience is to always finish your work ahead of time. I am continuously trying to close out jobs 3 days before it is actually closing, that way a day or two before closing I can always go back, review my work, ask around if changes have been issued and also have plenty of time to work on any last minute jobs that have come in. I have actually become really efficient at doing this, so why is it that I can’t apply this to the other areas of my life? I guess getting paid for this job and knowing there is a lot at stake has really forced this habit upon me… and work kind of sucks… so the faster I finish my work, the less I will have to think about it. I think that if I am apply to give myself more pressure and learn to make school work even a tad bit more interesting, this habit will defined start to take root and eventually, I will stop procrastinating so much…

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