Sunday night brain dump

Ok so I have officially set up a wordpress account. Apparently there are ads on the free version… That really sucks, I will look into plan prices and hope to remove these ads in the next couple of months.

Originally, I got my friend to build a website from scratch and to manage it through his GitHub until I actually managed to maintain my blogging habits. However, I didn’t have much work to do today and after a couple hours of scrolls and playing around, I have settled on a theme for my account. I am not fully satisfied yet, but I think this is a good foundation for me to publish my blog posts and with WordPress, these posts will be easily available for the whole world to see.

Now with a somewhat legit blog and people who are like/follow my posts, I think I’ll start to feel much more accountable for the things I say and the goals I set for myself on this blog.

First thing first, since I am a huge League of Legends fan, I am so happy that the TSM vs. CLG rivalary has been revived. TSM after the first season has always been a very dominate team, but now with both rosters rebuilt from the ground up a new season, it seems they were fated to meet in the NA LCS Spring Split Finals.

I am writing this in between match 4 and 5 and hope to finish the post before the last match starts. I have always been a huge CLG fan due to Doublelift and the organization, but now that Doublelift has moved onto TSM, I am not so sure anymore. It’s been an excited 4 first matches and I hope the 5th one will be just as good. In the end, I do want TSM to win and see Doublelift succeed.

Ok now back to the real world. Only 5 more days of work and I am off to Thailand! Knowing I have a lot of things to do in these last 5 days, the thought of actually flying to the other side of the world and away from my life for a couple of days has to dawn on me. I am excited and knowing me, by the time thursday comes around, I probably won’t be able to sleep with all the excitment. Let’s hope all the mindfulness I have been practicing lately will be able to calm me down by then.

Work term report, RESP, work term evaluation and final moments at work are what’s on my checklist for next week. Oh. And the gym of course. I have really gotten myself into good shape in the last couple of months and I am hoping to continue to build on all the knowledge I have acquired through my person trainer this summer. Also I hope to able to take all that I have learned throughout my current work term with HTS and apply it throughout the rest of my life.



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