Leg Day

Every workout I have with my trainer my limits are pushed further and further. I always feel like breaking but my trainer really does a good in pushing me to finish one more rep, one more set, 10 more seconds. With that said, I can honestly say after every workout, I have put in 100% of my effort and really got the most I could get out of that 1 hour in my life.

Today was the first day I really felt frustration and dread during my workout. I’ve always enjoyed going to the gym because it helped me relieve stress and it helped me practice self-discipline. However, I have realized now that I’ve actually become fairly comfortable going to the gym. It has become a more mindless and comforting habit. Although maintaining is a gym habit everyday is still good for my physically, I really feel that I have been lacking in my mental developement through this comfortable habit I have developed for myself.

My trainer has really done a good job pushing me out of my comfort zone in the last couple months. Pause reps, supersets, finishing holds. All these new exercise and programming techniques have really puished my limits both physically and mentally and overall I think I have develop a better mind set going to the gym. Rather than going and focusing just on my main lifts and getting through the rest of my workouts. Now it has become a time in the day where I disregard everything in my life, put on some good music and really put my mind to testing my physical limits. I have learned how to properly isolate each target muscle, improved my form for my big lifts and learned new ways to program my workouts so that my muscles don’t start adapting so fast.

I think the frustration and dread I felt during my workout today is definitely going to be an infliction point in which my gym mindset has really changed. Now everytime I feel sore, I know I can always push myself for that extra 5 seconds or get that last rep in. The new mental strength I have developed working with my trainer will definitely push me further and further along my weightlifting path.


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