Ok last post about training I swear! (for a while at least) So today I had my last training sessions with my personal trainer… and I was half an hour late…

Actually, I forgot to sign in one day so today was actually an extra session than I had originally paid for. So I wasn’t going to complain about the fact that my training session got cut short when it shouldn’t have even happened in the first place.

Knowing we only had half the time, my trainer only said one word to me: efficiency.

Imagine completing your normal workout in half the time. That pretty much means you don’t rest, and that was pretty much what we did today. Ironically, we started with a 5 minute bike just as we did on my very first training session with him. The goal was to hit at least 60 calories within the 5 minutes time. I remember during my first session, I couldn’t even walk after that. But today, my legs were tights, but I managed to walk it off after just a couple minutes.

Then we moved onto chest and back. Imagine you’re doing a super set of push movements followed by pulling movements. Now imagine you doing 4 super sets of this without any rest in-between. It was pretty much a giant superset if that is even a thing. The only time you had to rest your back was doing your push movements and vice versa. My shirt was drenched in sweet two sets in. Then we moved straight into triceps and middle back after a small break. Knowing the back was such a big muscle, it was logical we spent more time attempting to isolate the main areas of the back more so than any other part of body. We followed up with another pull movements super settted with biceps. Ok so the workout was coming to an end at this point. You’d be surprised how fast time passes when you are doing a full upper body workout with very minimal rest.

My trainer moved me to the shoulder press machine. “My seven o’clock is here, but I want you to do 6×10 on this before you leave… oh and minimal rest” he said. After all these training sessions with him, minimal rest has definitely been engraved into my mind. I mean there are research articles showing the optimal rest times, but if you’re short on time, I think I’d rather get an extra set in than to take longer breaks between sets. This of course does not apply when it comes to strength training, but I’ll get into that one on another post.

The point is, I didn’t think it was possible to do so much in just 30 minutes, a 5 minute all out sprint on the bike really gave me a good pump on the legs. Followed by super sets on super sets on super sets of upper body. I mean my whole body was pretty sore in just 30 minutes. That really goes to show the idea of efficiency. If we can put aside our distractions and learn to focus solely on what is in front of us for even just a small burst of time, the amount of productivity that comes out of thissmall amount of time is amazing.


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