So I got a really shitty work term review, my boss pretty much told me I did nothing good this term. It sucked. I am not happy about it. But it’s done and over with it. It’s going to take me some time to get over it but eventually I will and I’ll have learned a great lesson from it.

I guess you could say my final evaluation didn’t meet my expectations. It wasn’t that I had high expectations going into this review but more of the fact that my expectation were not clearly defined.  The amount of work I put did not seem to meet the amount of work my boss expected of me. I was ignorant in thinking I was doing a good job and a lack of communication between him and I definitely had a major contribution to this drawn conclusion.

It’s always easy to tell others the world is unfair when they face unfortunate events in their lives but it’s much harder to accept that fact when it comes to our own lives.  I can’t help it. I have an ego. And most of the time, I find ways to satisfy that ego of mine. I am pretty good at meeting needs of others but when a lack of communication exists, things can easily fall through and then disappointment follows.

I write my most apparent thoughts of the day at the end of each day to put space between them and to become aware of them. This output really let’s me come face to face with the good and bad of my life. This output also let’s me take that extra step away from my own thoughts to then learn to evaluate the events in my life. I am a person that tends to dwell on things. Good or bad. So why not write them all out as clearly as I can so I can dwell on something concrete?

All in all, I am pissed off. I am disappointed. I feel like I’ve been treated unfairly. But I will move on. That’s the main point to focus on. I will move on. If everything always went the way we wanted to then how would we grow as a person?

It is those set backs in life that push us to new limits. They motivate us to prove those people who didn’t believe in us or who thoughts we weren’t great. It is these set backs from which we can truly become self aware. Sure we can be aware of our strengths, but learning to become aware of our weakness is the key to true self discovery and it is these set backs in life that help us learn and overcome our own weaknesses.

Wow this post became cheesey as hell. Not exactly the tone I was going for, but if I have made my point than I think I can settle for that for now. 


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