Chapter 1.5: Thailand

20 hours later and I am still on a plane… Only 1 more to to and Thailand here I come!

Hm, my mind feels pretty empty after having been sitting on planes and inside airports for a whole day. I mean, I feel still have a lot of thoughts going on through my brain, but having been pondering them for a whole day, I think my mind has reached a somewhat calm state. Oh, and probably because I am very fatigued… One does not simply sleep well on a plane.

On my second flight from Chicago to Tokyo, the guy that sat beside me worked for Mitsubishi, our biggest competitor at work. I found that rather interesting although he wasn’t working for the HVAC department of Mitsubishi electric by the looks of his power points and excel sheets that I stared at with high interest for a good part of the flight when I wasn’t falling in and out of sleep.

So a three hour layover in Tokyo international airport and what do we do? Eat sushi at 5 in the morning of course. It was expensive. But for airport food, the sushi was really good! That’s as close to a real Japanese sushi experience I will ever get for the next year or two. 

Mental note to self: it’s going to be scorching hot in Thailand. As we arrive in the middle of the night, the temperature will probably be at its lowest of 25C which hopefully won’t be too warm of a welcome.  We’ve got the first night of trip booked out at a hostel, so plan is to disembark, get our shit, find a way to the hostel and get a good night of sleep. Not much concretely planned out after that, but baby steps right?

Alright, time to rest my eyes and wait to see what this famous south eastern country has to offer!


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