Day 1: The Oven

So first day in Bangkok. It feels like 38 degrees here. I am a walking pool of sweat. 

Since we decided to check out the grand palace, the biggest tourist attraction here in the city of Bangkok, first. I decided to put on a t-shirt due to potential clothing rules. Since the weather in the morning seemed fairly cloudy, I thought I would pick the black shirt thinking we wouldn’t be getting much sun light. I was wrong.

Five minutes out the door and the sun was out and shinning. Wow it was hot.

So we walked around the city for a bit looking for breakfast and after a long and hunger driving journey, we settle into a small restaurant in Khao San Road, the second biggest attraction in Bangkok. It was a cool place. A bunch of stores. But you could clearly tell it had been very heavily developed due to the attraction of European and western tourists. As a result, almost everything was over priced. We settle for some Pad Thai. Not bad for our first meal in Thailand. 

Next we walked around the city, slowly exploring the streets, making our way to the Grand Palace. This quick journey really gave us a chance to see what Thailand was really like. Passing the streets as mere observers without the tuk tuk drivers constantly harassing you.

When we finally got there, we found out it was closed, for a monk ceremony… (not sure if this was true or not) and got sold into taking a tuk tuk around the city to see other main attractions. For a fairly cheap price we though.

The driver was very nice at first. Having arrived at the Golden Mount, he gave us plenty of time to walk up the 304 “stairs” to a majestic sight of the city back light with a bright golden monument. By this time, I was already covered in sweat. Again. 

Afterwards, we were lead to a couple of silk stores which apparently made clothes for the big brand in Italy all so coincidentally. We had to sit inside a store for a mere 10 minutes for the driver to his coupons of sorts. And without being able to keep tracking of time, 10 minutes of conversation came out to be very painful and difficult. Making the call only five minutes in, we left. So having not received his coupon, the driver turned sour 0 to 100 real fast. Dropping us off at the standing Buddha and insisting he had nowhere to park, he left and we went to see our sight.

When we finished, he still wasn’t back, so we headed out to see a flower shop of sorts. Although we felt bad, we got a free ride around the city. #worth.  The flower shop we visited in retrospect wasn’t actually a flower shop but just a small market by a canal. 

Now feeling the heat. Ha. Just kidding. After having sweat out 4 litres of water, the fatigue and hunger finally settled in and we found a small restaurant (with literally no word of English) and got some dinner. It was great, it was cheap, it was… I wasn’t really sure what we were eating…

Lucy wanting oh so badly to get her nails done at this point, we found a spa (one could say) and I got a Thai massage, it was interesting, painful but relaxing when it all came to an end.

Now night had befallen us. After a good hour of rest in the a heavily air conditioned room, we got up and explored Khao San Road at its the peak hours, the night. Brightly lit shops and good street food really made me understood how it become so popular. I mean what else could you want?

Tomorrow, I am going to get a pair of airy and colourful pants which I hope won’t be judge too hard when I arrive back in the homeland…


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