Temples on temples on temples

Grand palace: check. A bunch of other temples: check. Chinatown: check. Improved bargaining skills: check.

You know what’s to great about 40 degree weather? You don’t have to go to the bathroom! Five minutes outside the hostel room and I was covered in sweat. Legit covered. I didn’t even notice it until I went to eat breakfast and my face was just… Wet.

Fried bananas and salty timbits. Not a bad way to start the day.

Bargained a cheap price to the Grand palace. As the number one tourist attraction in Thailand, we arrived to the gates flooding with… Mostly Chinese people actually. Mobs and mobs of tour guides and their minions flowed out of their respective tour buses. If 40 degrees outside wasn’t hot enough, let’s add a thousand people and their body heat to increase the ambient temperature.

So today, I wore a tank top. Apparently that was too slutty for the Grand Palace, so I rented an old breezey brown shirt for the day.

The palace was really cool. Everything was intricately built. Attention to detail was clearly a key skill in Thailand architecture. There were a lot of shrines, a lot of random building and sculptures that I had no clue of their uses, and lots of Buddhas of course.

After a long 3 hours of strolling, making dumb poses and crazed tourist picture taking, we peaced out to fill our bellys with some off the street Thai rice and chicken. Basil, lemon and hot sauce does a pretty good describing our lunch. It was a different type of food here and not knowing exactly what we were eating really adds excitement for me.

More temples! We proceeded to go through a bunch of temples including Wat Pho and Wat Arun. The building styles were all very similar but the temples layouts and Buddhas all differed greatly from one temple to the next. In Wat Pho was the famous Reclining Buddha and in Wat Arun was… Construction. But having arrived just before the sunset, we caught the temple in the Golden hour and then sat by the riverside and really took in all of Thailand and warm humid air around us.

Ending the night in the busy and bustling Chinatown was great. We found the busiest sit down street stall and order a steamed fish and some chong cai (English???) and beer of course.

All in all although only planing our days one at a time, today turned out very productive and very eventful. 


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