Arrived in Chiang Mai

TLDR: finished up the last couple of tourist sights in Bangkok, went to see more temples in Ayutthaya and then got completely plastered on Khao San Road and ended up in Chiang Mai today!

Picking up from where I left off, Lucy and I took a day tour to Ayutthaya. I think it’s fair to call it the old capital of Thailand. The Kyoto of Thailand essentially. It was a fantastic sight. Unlike the beautiful, well maintained clean temples of the Bangkok, Ayutthaya was made of temple ruins. This old capital held the original temples of the Grand Palace, the temple of dawn and the temple of the Reclining Buddha.  This was wear the king lived before moving off the Bangkok after having Ayutthaya burned down to the ground for 7 days and 7 nights. And only in the 1700s, Bangkok was finally established.

I was fairly surprised when I heard this.  Without much regard for Thai history, I came to Thailand the idea that the country was old and Bangkok being the capital, it would be just as old as the rest of the country. And I learned I was clearly wrong. 

After a long day in the gruelling sun. (it reached 43 degrees that day) We headed back to the city, booked a hotel (which are super cheap in Thailand we found it) and swam in the pool for a bit.

Having cleaned up and cooled down, we went out for dinner and buckets. What’s a bucket you ask? It’s literally a bucket one uses to make sand castles and its filled with booze… Lots of it. After a bucket of pineapple tequila and some laughing gas (waow) we were clearly drunk and met some other people from other countries. So we all sat down and…  Ordered more buckets! So you can imagine how the rest of the night went because clearly I can’t recount much of it.  Except for the fact that I locked myself out of my room in my own boxers in the middle of the night…

Anyways, after a crazy night, the morning came. You think hangovers are bad? Imagine having a hangover in 40 degree weather…

So having mopped around until noon, we got up and slowly made our way to the flower market. It was literally a fresh market of just flowers. Most made for sacrifices to the Buddha and some for pure decoration purposes.

Now this was the worse of the trip so far, not because it was boring, but because I was hungover… 

Having finally finished that, we got lost around the city and eventually came across a pier by the river.  There we took a river taxi up to downtown Bangkok. It was truly a different sight than the Khao San Road Area we were staying in.  Skyscrapers and fancy buildings. Worth the short walk. We even came across the night bazaar where we filled our stomachs with some cheese balls wrapped in sweet potato crust.

Not such a bad day for being so hungover.

Before heading to the airport, we strolled through a park and got some dinner on a street restaurant.  The papaya salad here is surprisingly good… Although I’m not sure if there is actually papaya in it…

Chiang Mai! We arrived! Found a sketchy hostel for the night and woke up to ants in my breakfast juice… Yum.  That extra protein boost really got me through the day today.

Quickly checking out and finding a nicer hotel, we sat down and did some planning having realized we had no idea what we were going to do here. 

After some rough plans, we hopped on a songthew (Bangkok’s uber pool in which we could stand on the back of the pick up truck) we drove up the mountain to see one of Chiang Mai’s most famous temple: Wat Doi Suthep. The mountain top coolness and breeze was very relaxing and comfortable. We took our time here. Taking lots of photos and sitting down to enjoy the great view the mountain top temple offered. 

Catching another Thailand uber pool back to the northern gate, we found some street restaurants. Tonight’s menu was pork feet with rice and fried noodles with beef. Sounds pretty simple, but the casual street cooks did their jobs very well and added a Thai style to the dishes that really satisfied our stomachs.

Alright, all caught up the Thailand trip logging. Off to another national park tomorrow which promises to be the highest peak of Thailand!


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