Week 3

I've really lost my sleeping in habit, I mean I never really had one before but I feel like it's just gotten worse now. So last night I drank a bunch of beers, went to bed around 2 am and somehow I was up by 7:30 this morning. I didn't feel super refreshed but I … Continue reading Week 3


Week 2

Ok, new plan of action, going to get through 30 minutes of an album of an artist I want to get into while I write my weekly brain dump. This week is Logic's Under Pressure! You know what I realised about writing this week? It is a great source of distancing, done in many meditation … Continue reading Week 2

Week 1

So first week of the job has been completed by yours truly! Literally the easiest job I would've asked for and I got paid for the holiday! Sure I wanted an engaging job, but you got to play with the cards you're dealt right? For 18.50$/hr, I could not be doing less work. With that … Continue reading Week 1