3A Work Term Focus

So another work term has arrived and here I am in Toronto again! I am excited for all that this new work term has to offer. Below are going to my top three focuses during the work term, I wanted to code, blog, learn chinese and all this other stuff, but I’ve learned it is best not to spread myself too thin, so I am going to limit myself to just three things and really put my all into these three main aspects of my life in the up coming four months.
Weight lifting:
I like to weight lift. Why do I like it? I think it is because it’s become a habit more than anything else in my life. It is something so concrete, something I feel like I have so much control over. I feel at home, comfortable and serene when I am at the gym, regardless of the gym I am at. I like to weight lift because it helps me set goals and learn that goals can only be reach through hard work. Going to the gym everyday lets me know that I can push through those days when I feel like shit and also lets me really enjoy those days where I feel like I am on top of the world. The comfort I feel at the gym is like no other, not even the comfort I feel at home. At the gym, I have built a very strong foundational knowledge of what to expect of myself and the others around me. I also feel that I have a somewhat good understanding of where I stand in terms of bodybuilding and powerlifting, and where I stand is a beginners area with a ton of curiosity. One place where my comfortably at the gym comes from is my genuine interest in everything that I do and everything that goes on in the gym. From going my own workouts to seeing cool new exercises other people do, the gym is a place of happiness for me and I feel like a lot of my personal growth has stemmed from it. In the upcoming four months, my main focus at the gym is to really focus on each exercise I am doing and try to get the most of it each gym session rather than just going for the sake of going.
Rock Climbing:
Well mostly bouldering at this point, indoor bouldering. It’s not that I don’t like the other types of rock climbing but rather this is the only type I have ease of access to in my life currently. One appeal of rock climbing to me is that the routes I am doing are constantly changing, every couple of weeks there are new problems for me to tackle. This is the essence of problem solving that really attracts me. I have climbing long enough to watch my rock climbing skills slowly increase but not enough to have built a solid foundation and habit of it like going to the gym. Rock climbing is a hobby I enjoy not only because I can test out my own strength and get a good understanding of my body, but it is a hobby which can be done in a social environment or an independent environment. Unlike spending time at the gym, where the main focus is the workout and making the most out of your time as possible, rock climbing is a much slower paced activity for me. At this point, not only are my forearms weak as fuck, but rock climbing gives me the ability to learn to pace myself. Attempting too many routes too fast burns out my arms real easily and thus I don’t last very long, but taking too long of a break between routes really cools down my forearms and at this point I am just wasting time sitting there. So in the upcoming four months, I am really going to devote myself to become a better climber and learn to pace myself not only in rock climbing, but in life.
I have never developed a good habit of reading. I just never found the appeal to it, either the books I read were too hard for me to comprehend fully or just too long and didn’t peak my interest early enough. At this point in my life, I’ve really come to the realization that the biggest secret to success is reading. People always tell me quality over quantity but I truly believe that we must be immersed in a high quantity of material first before we can begin to know what quality is and how it differently applies to each and every one of us. So for the next four months, I am going to read, read a lot and truly build a habit of reading and hopefully enjoy it and learn a lot from it by the end of the work term.

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