Week 5 – Full Circle – Haelos

So I started drinking coffee… more because of the health benefits than the effects of caffeine. How do people drink this shit everyday? More so, how do people drink more than one cup of this in a day? I made myself one cup of coffee the other morning and it lasted me until lets say midnight because when I went to bed just after ten I was still feeling wired.

Alright so I am trying Tim Ferris’ Slow Carb Diet. If you don’t know who that is I seriously recommend you look him up because to me he seems like the most interesting man in the world right now. He literally has in hands in everything possible from tech to yoga to injecting himself with steroids. He is the definition of a human guinea pig. To me, it seems like he has mastered the idea of the minimum effective dose. I guess you could say the 80/20 rule, but his degree of time management, efficient and effective output and success in life is something I really look up to. I don’t necessarily want to be him, but his lifestyle and personality traits are really interesting and to even a certain degree admirable.

I have started reading one of his books “The 4-Hour Body” and one of the biggest things I have learned about him and what makes Tim Ferris who he is is the lack of fucus of given. He is always challenging the norm, being skeptical of what everyone believes and is not afraid to fully commit and try new things out whether he is successful or not. This is something I find myself lacking in various aspects of my life and I think something everyone lacks in general.

So no coffee today. It’s almost nine at night here and I actually feel tired! I am not sure if this is a good thing or not, but I think I will be able to get a good nights sleep without the need to wake up to an alarm tomorrow… Wait, fuck, I wonder if the gym is going to be open tomorrow… I really hope so.

Update on my life? Well this week has been quite calm actually, just chugging away at my soul sucking job and always trying to find time to squish in a couple of pages of reading in the truck whenever possible.

I have found out about this idea of have multiple sleep schedules. Taking a 20 minute nap in the afternoon, one can function with just 6 hour of sleep at night. That is an extra hour an a half added to your day! Just imagine that, a whole extra hour to program or learn a new language or to just fuck around… wouldn’t that be amazing? I am killing to have extra time. Taking the other side of view on that, maybe I feel that I am lacking time is because I am not actually being productive but just busy. I can’t really decide. There are so many things I want to do with my life currently that I think will have positive impacts on my future but I told myself to focus on three major goals this semester and it seems like every blog post I write, I am constantly reminding myself to re focus myself and not to spread myself too thin.

One major change I will have to make next semester is to cut back on my gym time. I think I will apply what I have read in The 4-Hour Body and just do concentrated timed reps to failure and just really work on my big lifts using 5/3/1. Who knows what the results are. It may be good, it may be bad, but I have to take that leap of faith and find out right? I mean at this point in my life, I just like going to the gym for an extended period of time because it allows me to temporarily escape the realities of all the other shit I do in my life. It is time to find the good in simplicity and learn quality over quantity.

I am currently sticking to a program my friend sent me and I think it is doing a fairly good job focusing all these weak areas that I haven’t really worked on during my own programs. Having a completely new program has also allowed me to see the benefits in not always sticking to my own ways of doing things and really repeating the benefits of trying new stuff. Sure there may be set backs initially but I have had plenty of previous experience in knowing that I need to stick something out for at least a couple of months before drawing somewhat concrete conclusions on my decision.

This is one of the major benefits I have discovered in this 4 month co-op program I have landed myself in. 4 months is enough to really dedicate myself to something and to yield not only short-term results, but also see potential long-term benefits and then start adding or subtracting different elements I have tried to juggle each semester into my life permanently.

Another thing I have noticed about this co-op program is that due to the lack of stability, I have found myself to become a much more flexible person in terms of my actions, goals and general outlook on life. This has really done me good in learning to plan with uncertainties and sudden change of plans in mind. Although, this instability has really not contributed positively to my anxiety. Having sudden change of plans really distracts my mind and completely destroys my focus on whatever I am doing at hand. My mind runs off to focus solely on solving a sudden problem thrown at me no matter the size. this is definitely something I am working on through my daily meditation practice, but I have found that my mind is really fucking active all the time unless I am asleep and I notice myself being distracted for a lot of time during the mindfulness mediation and have troubles bringing myself back to focus.

Wow, this album and artist is actually pretty good. It kind of sounds like a fusion of Nero with CHRVCHES. Both have female focus, but the production is less pop ish, more electro and yet not fully into the dubstep and drum n bass genre yet. It is some good shit.

God is this thirty minutes up yet, I think the album has ended and so has all the thoughts in my mind…

Just kidding, that was the song!

So I’ve picked up a new podcast called Hardcore History, sounds bland and intimidating right? That’s what I kept telling myself at first. Fuck I am really resistant to major changes and new experiences in my life eh… But I caved and gave it a try and shiett it is a good podcast. Imagine you’re buddy is sitting at a bar and casually explaining to you all the events of WWI with constantly references to the modern world. occasional jokes and even self opinions of the events as they unfolded, doesn’t that sound pretty cool? Well, that was my way of explaining the podcast because I have only finished one mini series over a really fucked up series of events that happened in the 15th century regarding the development of Lutheranism and the catholic church. It was so well done that I was fairly creeped out listening to the series of events unfold. Now I have moved onto a 10 hour series detailing the events of the first world war. Exciting right? Highly recommended! The podcast isn’t even by a historian per se but just a random dude who is really fucking interested in history.

Ok, a third of the way through this co-op term, 2 more to go!


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