American Gods – Neil Gaiman

Unlike my last book, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Gaiman depicts a story of a criminal just released from prison only to be sucked into a world of old and new gods. It was an epic story, although I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I had a better understanding of all the different mythological beings.

Gaiman does a great job describing the gods themselves and the everyday lives they come to lead now that the people have forgotten about them. He is able to humanize the gods all the while reminding the reader that they still posses inhuman powers. They are kill able, by gunshots, by knife wounds, just like an ordinary man. However, they can also charm people, pass through time, and even revive others.

The book has a lot to it. Although I enjoyed the book with this first time go at it, I think it would be much more enjoyable with a solid understanding of all the gods Gaiman depicts. It seems as if he assumes the person knows the key characteristics of the gods and it is true to some degree. Having watched Thor, the reader knows that Loki is a trickster, for example.

I think the key to a good book is when you are reading through a chapter and you suddenly catch yourself being sucked into the setting depicted by the author without realizing it. People say images mean a thousand words, but images don’t leave any room for the imagination. Reading a thorough description will leave each reader to build an imagine for himself and I think Gaiman does a spectacular job at that.

The dialogue great. It capsizes modern adult dialogue. I mean, it is set in the modern-day. And the story line, although fairly linear was very thoroughly thought out and had a satisfying ending to it.

Since this is my first Neil Gaiman book, I think reading more and more of his works, I will be more accustomed to his writing style and have a better understanding of his works as I read more.


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