Slaughterhouse Five – Kurt Vonnegut

Fast paced book. It was short and sweet.

Have you watched Arrival? The one about Jeremy Renner and Amy Adams interpreting an alien language where time is not always moving forward in their world? That’s what I was constantly reminded of while reading this book.

Vonnegut’s writing is all over the place here. The author is time traveling, from a bed in WWII in one paragraph to a plane in 1968 in the next to been kidnapped and put on display in an alien world in the following. The book was really interesting. I am not sure if there was a purpose or end goal the author was trying to reach while writing this book but I like the unconventionality of it.

Maybe its just me but unconventional story lines are my favorite. Murakami is at the top of that list currently with Vonnegut sitting a fair ways behind him. There isn’t so much character development in this book. There is one main character Billy Pilgrim and others that are introduced, killed off, re-introduced and so it goes. Ha. If you’ve read the book you’ll get that part.

I liked the book. It was pretty light, entertaining and the vocabulary wasn’t very complicated. The fact that the timeline in the book was all over the place made it confusing to keep track of all the character s in relation to one another and to have a solid grasp on the story line. I guess that was what the author was going. All in all, good book, would recommend.


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