Week 25: Taybae

Taylor Swift is back on Spotify, fuck yes. Don’t say I didn’t, say I didn’t warn ya. My shit. I really like pop songs. It’s catchy and cliche as hell. I guess at the end of the day, cliche is really what gets to me.

I am starting a new program next week! Tested my PRs the other day and now I am super stocked to have new goals to work towards in the upcoming 9 weeks!

What will I try to improve on next week?

Next week I will improve on being flexible. There is no need to enforce routine in my life in all aspects. Just like how one trains every body part different, one needs to manage different aspects of his life different. Yes, when it comes to learning a new language, spaced repetition is definitely better than going on a binge a few times a week. I need to focus on being productive. Writing down a list of things I need to accomplish everyday, sorting them by priority, then sitting my ass down to do them. It can be overwhelming knowing all the things I have/should/want to do, but at the end of the day, as long as I have made progress in one aspect of my life, that is good enough. A long-term positive trend!

What was I most proud of this week?

I am really proud of the bit of programming I have accomplished this week. I have just started to solve simple scripts like reversing a string, capitalizing the first letter of a each word in a sentence, etc… This has really enhanced my problem solving skills in terms of logic. In a computer program, there is no such thing as implicit meanings. One has to tell the computer exactly what to do in the proper structure in order to get the expected outcome. Even a tiny mistake can fuck everything up. It is very frustrating and exhilarating at the same time. I am a fairly rationale person but learning how to program has taught to bring more structure into my life. This involves tackling the problem as whole as well as dividing into its modules to make it easier to solve.

What was my biggest accomplishment this week?

My biggest accomplishment this week has been me actually taking time off the gym in order to test my PRs to start a new program for me. It is not easy for me to take time off the gym. I am pretty addicted to it. It provides me with inner peace while I am there, a source of distraction when I am stressed out and something to look forward to everyday. I found other things to fill up my time and learned that life still goes on without needing to workout everyday. I think this will definitely help me in the long run in terms of recovering.

What have I done to get closer to my life goals this week?

This week I have started learning Chinese. I am starting out simple by using a flash card system in which I learn new vocabulary everyday as well as reviewing the ones I have already learned. On top of that, I have reset my gym goals to better suit my likes and to follow something that I have seen work instead of trying to come up with something crazy myself.

What was hard for me this week, and why?

Adjusting back to real life and getting work done. I just came back from an extended weekend in Montreal in which all I did was eat, hangout and drink… It is very relaxing and fun to be in the company of friends all day long without any worries about anything else. Thus, it takes time to come back to regular life in which I still feel like I am falling behind my friends constantly and struggling to get work done. My biggest problem lately has been trying to figure out what I want in life and being scared to commit to something for an extended period of time.

What was my biggest waste of time this week?

My biggest waste of time this week has been just idling around and not focusing on anything. I spend countless hours just sitting in front of the computer watching random videos or browsing Reddit. I lose focus easily, especially with no hard deadlines or goals to work towards. I am still adjusting to setting my own goals and not having assignment deadlines and tests to study for. Thus when I feel overwhelmed I just internally blow up easily…

What did I do this week that made me ashamed?

Lately, I’ve caught myself with a lot more negative thoughts and getting into my own head too much. It is not healthy and will not do myself any good. I need to do more, think less and not be afraid to make mistakes/embarrass myself. I have always learned the most from my bad experiences in life, so I need to embrace that fact of my life. With this in mind, I am not saying I should just dive head first into everything. I still need to do my own homework and prepare as much as I can. At the end of the day though, I will never be one hundred percent ready, ever.


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