The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams

My first audio book! Listening to a book is a very different experience than reading. It’s pretty much listening to an on going story. The narration adds a whole new level of experience, however, listening to not nearly mentally engaging as reading. There is no active effort to listen, thus I found it much easier to zone out, have other thoughts going on in my mind, or just get caught up by visual stimulus which then leads me to not absorb what has just been narrated. I think this is a skill I will develop overtime as I listen to more and more audio books. It will definitely help me practice staying focused and bringing my mind back from distractions.

On to the book! I really liked the sense of dry humor (the British narration definitely helped), I think it really complimented the absurdness of the events and the story line. The story line itself was pretty linear. It didn’t have any crazy plot twists and instead focused on being more descriptive in nature. The progression was well paced as well as the developments. Starting out slowly to set up context and ending with a bang!

One insight I gained from the book is that life is not about having the right answers but asking the right questions. Well, because we already know the answer is 42.


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